Nostalgic Japan

Having been engaged in the aspect of “creating spaces” for a long time, my spatial awareness has been nurtured, becoming one of my strengths in video production. Spending ample time to perceive every detail of the space and finding exquisite angles (even if it’s self-satisfying), brings a sense of elation that is hard to come by in other forms of art.

The greatest delight in my personal video production lies in expressing the non-verbal and abstract realms, such as the “subtlety of a unique atmosphere.” In these areas that defy verbal expression, I aim to tell an ambiguous story throughout the entire clip, using as few dialogues as possible. I excel at emphasizing each clip with a depiction reminiscent of the fluctuations found in nature and synchronizing it with music.

Similar to the Zen phrase “gyoun-ryuusui” (行雲流水), which describes the ease of clouds and the flow of water, there is a philosophical description within the natural world. Moving forward, I will challenge myself to explore this realm of expression even more.



Nostalgic Future
Colors of Japan
Earth Cloth (2020)

「伝統の風が流れる場所」北方文化博物館様 PV (2016)
「自我を打ち砕く」 居合道新潟支部様 PV (2015)
PRIDE 燕三条様 香港/パリ展示会 PV (2016 & 2017)
「ものに宿る心」鎚起銅器 大橋様 PV (2015)
「時代を超えて」表具師 吉原様 PV (2015)
護摩堂山〜東龍寺 (2015)
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